About the Gorilla Highlands Initiative

Gorilla Highlands Network gathering at Cephas Inn during Gorilla Highlands Silverchef 2016, a regional cooking competition

Gorilla Highlands is an ambitious initiative to use tourism as a tool of economic and social development. We are marketing a region consisting of the northwestern part of Rwanda (Burera and Musanze districts) and the southwestern tip of Uganda (Kabale, Kanungu, Kisoro and Rubanda districts). Our mission is to successfully brand and promote this area in a manner that brings an increase in responsible, sustainable and culturally sensitive tourism. We put particular stress on tourism helping the bottom-of-the-pyramid inhabitants of the region, in terms of both income and self-respect.

The Gorilla Highlands Network is an informal private-sector collaboration spearheaded by MYL, a PR company based in Kigali, and Edirisa, a cultural tourism social enterprise from Lake Bunyonyi. Since our start in 2011, numerous other private and government partners have supported us by funding our activities, advertising in Gorilla Highlands products, sending participants to our events, providing complimentary services/discounts and more. The Gorilla Highlands Network is open to everyone, it is a platform for all who care about Uganda and Rwanda.

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