Love in the Wild Gets Wild

Last weekend the Gorilla Highlands team was joined by guests from all over the world—from Kigali to Kampala, from the US to all the way to the Netherlands—to celebrate Valentine’s Day at Tom’s Homestay.

We gave Tom the break he deserved to savour the night and his nomination for best homestay in Uganda with his wife, Provia.

The man who usually spends his time hosting guests got to relax and enjoy a night around the campfire, eating a delicious meal prepared by our staff.

As we were able to laugh, share legends of the lake, and bask in the glorious hilltop view from Habukomi Island, we were entertained with the stylings of three talented musicians. The Gorilla Highlands Trails star, Mr. Eric, delighted us with his traditional enanga. Our very special guest Joe Kahiri played a selection of songs too, though he failed to convince Tom to dance along. Arnold Agaba concluded the performances by passionately presenting a few Turkish love songs.

Our visitors then partook in a night full of wild dancing and spending time with those we appreciate most before departing to their tents.

The morning after everyone was delighted to find a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit, French toast, and chocolate heart-shaped muffins awaiting them to start their morning off with a smile.

Some stayed later to spend extra quality time with Tom and his family, or to record a promotional video for Tom’s Homestay. Others enjoyed a fun game of canoe racing on the way back to the mainland.

We all left with a smile and fond memories of the night. If you couldn’t make it to our Love in the Wild, don’t sweat it. Make sure to keep up with our activities so that when our next event rolls around, you can be alongside us laughing in the glow of the campfire. We will be updating you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

text: Anika Utke; photo: Enock Luyonza and Anika Utke

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