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Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guides distribtuion point at Rz Manna, Kigali; photo by Miha Logar

The Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide is a paper booklet printed in 10,000 copies and published to promote an often underestimated region. It is free, attractive and packed with travel advice (including informative ads that finance the project) that encourages the reader to explore.

Initially focused on southwestern Uganda, the booklet has gradually covered more and more territory. Rwanda was added in 2016 while the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo will first feature in July 2018.

The December 2017 issue of the Pocket Guide was its sixth edition, presenting the following places on 60 pages:

Akagera National Park (Rwanda) • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Uganda) • Crater Lakes of the Gorilla Highlands (Rwanda/Uganda) • Echuya Forest Reserve (Uganda) • Kabale Town (Uganda) • Kampala City (Uganda) • Kigali City (Rwanda) • Kisiizi Falls (Uganda) • Kisoro Town (Uganda) • Lake Bunyonyi (Uganda) • Lake Kivu (Rwanda) • Lake Nabugabo (Uganda) • Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (Uganda) • Musanze Town (Rwanda) • Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda) • Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda)

Download the Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide 6 (22 MB)

… Interested in the draft of the seventh edition? That one needs some improvements and has no classifieds yet, but it does include DR Congo for the first time: Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide 7 draft (8 MB)

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Interactive eBook

Highlights page in the Gorilla Highlands Interactive eBook

The award-winning Gorilla Highlands Interactive eBook is a travel guide to southwestern Uganda offering practical information unavailable anywhere else. It is an astonishing combination of world-class photography, graphic design, illustration, audio, video and advice. At the same time, it is the most comprehensive book about the region, with 70% of its 391 pages devoted to impressively thorough articles covering nature, culture and history.

Lake Bunyonyi page in the Gorilla Highlands Interactive eBook

“Stunning, colourful, localised, interactive, in-depth” is how the World Summit Award 2013 jury summarised the ebook, declaring it one of the five best global electronic products in the field of culture and tourism. For more information and the project’s background story please see the press release.

The video above demonstrates how the ebook looks on the iPad and gives you an idea of how you navigate through its incredibly rich four chapters: Introduction, Travel Guide, In-Depth Companion and Background Story.
Our Travel Guide covers everything a visitor would need to know about the region, including proposed itineraries and a 7-page audio phrasebook in two local languages. The In-Depth Companion expands on Nature and Society.

Interactive map in the Gorilla Highlands Interactive eBook

The Gorilla Highlands Interactive eBook is available on Apple’s iBookstore in over 50 countries, costing $14.99. The iBookstore presentation page provides a generous free sample but if you do not own a compatible device* please download the Info Pack 4 MB PDF for an easier download or 15 MB PDF for sharper images. An extension to other platforms is planned for 2016.

* The ebook is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and the Mac.

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