Pocket Guide with Rwanda on the Way

Pocket Guide draft cover and last page

The first Gorilla Highlands product to include Rwanda, the paper booklet we call Pocket Guide, has reached the draft stage and is looking for advertisers and for sharp eyes to spot any issues. Photos in the draft (you can download it here; it is only 4.3 MB) should be considered provisional.

Pocket Guide draft pages 2-3

The regional map that has graced page 3 since 2013 has, of course, been extended down south.

Pocket Guide draft pages 20-21

Musanze (also known as Ruhengeri) is the first town to require two pages for the map. This map is not finished by any means; we still have to add most of the town building outlines, for example. If you are from Musanze, you can truly help us a lot with your feedback!

Pocket Guide draft pages 10-11

The fantastic volcano photo by Ross Langdon (RIP) has been moved to where it has always wanted to be…

We are collecting text ads ($1 per word), corrections and additions until 11 July 2016. You can download the draft or request a paper copy. Want to know more? We explained quite a bit about the Pocket Guide in the beginning of May… 

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